January 2008 / Volume Eight / Issue One
Luis Rivas
Advice to the Successful

when you are looking
at your ceiling with nothing to do,
thinking about how great life is with
all this success and leisure – stop,
catch yourself, apply for health and
life insurance immediately;
when you are at the bank looking at
your $1,000 checking account – stop,
catch yourself and transfer half of it
into your savings; when you are on
good terms with your girlfriend and
you don’t argue more than twice a
week – stop, catch yourself and start
looking for other prospects; when a
job is working out and the pay is
good and you are getting promoted –
stop, catch yourself and start looking
for other employment opportunities;
and when your family is getting
along, when no one is in jail or dead
or pregnant or sick – stop, and look
into the cost of burial or cremation.