January 2008 / Volume Eight / Issue One
Justin Hyde
the torpedo
you bunch up
even if you're not in a gang
for protection i mean
you held? a cholo asked me
during pill line
my first day in gen-pop
i didn't know what the hell he was getting at
said i could be a torpedo for the ms-13
or get my ass run through
bruised ribs on a daily basis
i was in there a year
before they called my number
some guy
older than my grandpa
sex offender i guess
making eyes on someones kids during visitation
at chow andale!
they told me out on the yard
slipped a padlock into my hand
look at me
i'm a weed dealer not some hard-ass
never been in a fight my whole life
ruptured his eardrum
made the poor fucker
blind in the right eye
but it was him
or me.