January 2008 / Volume Eight / Issue One
George Anderson
Love on Lake Ontario

I awake with a flush of images from a dream
& wanting to remember them this time
I record them in a bedside notebook:

“midget on last trip to the north
crooner of black romantic love songs
reunited with high school sweet heart
there is a dispute over the kids
2x2 minus 1 nobody really wants”

we wake to the sound of a neighbouring
bed thumping
& the staccato
wailing/ moaning of a woman
(notice the sexual referencing)

Yet staring out the window on Lake Ontario
Toronto– a stunted matchstick in the distance
the wavering truth spurts. My sister has
placed her waterfront up for sale
her partner has found love on the internet
     an accidental opening of e-mail
     a feigned trip away with girlfriends
     her prey snared–

who the fuck are you bitch?

The leaves flickering like cold green hands


The sky is grey
we are leaving tomorrow for Nova Scotia
I suppose I should describe the lake in a
discerning, discrete way
                                           but I can’t–

A Canadian goose in the bushes nearby
is honking as if it is taking it up the ass
(that’s more like it)

I wonder about the unwanted child
I wonder about the midget
and his non-existent custodial dispute

I wonder about the way the fog and the rain around here can mean death
I wonder about the electronic search for love–

Yet we have never been as close as today