three hundred million cells
die in the human body every
minute; we're born with three

hundred bones but have only
two hundred and six by adulthood
certain suspicions

must stay lost.


the strongest muscle in the body
is the tongue which explains our
fascination with voice

the average person falls asleep
in seven minutes; eighty-five
percent of our brains

are water so by floating
we may still know ourselves
every tooth has fifty-

five miles of canal in it
it is impossible to kill yourself
by holding your breath.


the brain itself cannot feel pain
it is the center yet has no receptors
the acid in your stomach

is strong enough to dissolve
razor blades but probably won't
for romantic reasons

our noses can remember fifty
thousand scents, many strongly
tied to memories.


every human spent about half
an hour as a single cell; adrenal
glands change size through-

out your life; you could remove
a large part of your internal organs
and survive; loneliness can't

be traced; the brain operates
on the same amount of power
as a ten watt light bulb

the ashes of a cremated body
average about nine