the super’s wife
and her daughter are outside
my kitchen window
and they are bent over
when i look out they both
look up at me
and smile
and she says have you seen the flowers?
no, i haven’t i say
and i look at her daughter
who might be eleven or twelve
and is already beautiful
in that way
that you know she’ll ruin some man
for life one day
and the daughter smiles at me
and the super’s wife says
how do you not notice the flowers?
they are right underneath
your window
and she laughs
and i say i never notice things
like flowers
beauty is an illusion to me
which i don’t think the super’s wife
because she is from europe and speaks
with a thick accent
and maybe the humor isn’t
the same over there
but the daughter looks at me
again and smiles
i think she gets it
then they both leave
and head back up the street
and i turn back to my dinner
cooking on the stove
and the glass of scotch
with the ice melting
in all of that pretty brown liquor
just begging to be drank.